Build your brand

Build your brand by sourcing from China

China leads the world in terms of manufacturing output. The industrial setup of China is based on one product, one city or town (you can search for a manufacturing city for a product here). These cities or towns have factories from cottage level to large scale which is related to one particular product.

You can find manufacturers for all the parts required to build a product in one town. This reduces logistics costs for the end-product manufacturer. It also results in:


  1. Reduced lead time
  2. Reduced working capital
  3. Savings in transport cost
  4. Savings in interest cost

The ultimate result is fast production at a lower cost.

The buyer has several options as there are multiple manufacturers for the same part or product. There are several options in terms of quality and design.

How to build a brand

Find a trustworthy sourcing partner to help you in sourcing the product of your need. Based on your target clients or existing clients, you can choose the quality and designs of the products. Right from the quality and design of screw to packaging can be selected. Your sourcing partner can suggest your best means to ship your product.

To save on import duties you van import products in CKD (completely knocked down) or SKD (semi-knocked down) and assemble them in your own country.

The skill and productivity of labors in China are high. You can get parts and finished products speedily.

If you have the intention to procure any particular design, you can bring your own samples or drawings and build it quickly at a very economical cost. Mould, fixtures, and jigs can get ready very fast due to efficient tool rooms.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking to start a new business or intend to build your own brand by sourcing from China.