Money exchange and air shipment in China

帐户被冻结?空运问题?我们会帮助你 Account blocked? Air shipment issue? We will help you

Businesses have been going through a tough time. There are many hurdles that are the cause of disturbance in businesses. Hurdles that we can help you to overcome are the money transfer from China and air shipping.




Money exchanged through unofficial means is facing a government crackdown and accounts are getting frozen, blocked, or closed in China.


The majority of businesses in China do not have a foreign exchange account in Hong Kong and money exchange is through unofficial means.


We help you in completing your sales and purchase transaction in a legal manner which helps you to manage your business efficiently and legally. Exchange or transfer of money (USD, HKD, or RMB) from China and Hong Kong legally to the personal and business accounts. Charges are nominal and per transaction (irrespective of the amount).


Air shipment is another major issue affecting businesses on large scale. Under the term “pandemic control” shipping agents have been pretending artificial shortage of air space and charging exorbitantly high amounts. Some shipping agents add the rates after goods reach their warehouse which is highly unethical.


Many products that do not attract the term, “pandemic control” are used for products that can be shipped normally. These issues have been affecting businesses and causing losses. We help you to ship goods at incredibly competitive prices with low transit time.


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