A packing list

Packing List

Importance of Packing List

A packing list is a document that contains details of products in a shipment. This document is not only useful for exports but any transfer of goods. It is also an excellent tool to be used for baggage during personal travel.
During exports of goods, it is one of the essential parts of the set of documents for shipment.
The packing list ensures that the shipment is carrying the intended goods. It is a common practice during the process of transfer of material to check the packing list during the loading process.


  1. Serial Number
  2. Name of the item
  3. Description of the item
  4. HS Code
  5. Quantity in one package
  6. Total number of packages
  7. Total Quantity
  8. The gross weight of the package
  9. Net weight of the package
  10. Volume/dimension of a package (cubic per meter/ L*W*H)

These are the heading of the columns of a packing list. The columns contain relevant details.
At the end of the packing list are the total number of packages, gross weight, net weight, and volume (CBM/cubic per meter).
This document also carries the name and contact details of the supplier and buyer.


Many times suppliers do not realize the importance of this document and complete it as a part of a formality.
This document is vital for:
Buyers to check their order.
Shipping company to calculate freight.
Department of Customs of the country of origin and port of discharge to evaluate the consignment.

Any discrepancy Creates:
A dispute among the buyer and seller.
Wrong calculations of freight from shipping agent/company.
Last but not least, customs might hold your shipment leading to rising in the cost of goods due to demurrage, penalty, fine, and so on. In the worst case, the load can be re-exported to the country of origin, which causes severe finance losses and efforts.

The easiest way to check correctness:

Compare the total gross weight in the packing list with the tracking slip issued by the shipping agent/company or Bill of Lading.

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