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Silent hypoxia is major cause of Covid deaths

The major cause of COVID deaths are the late appearance of symptoms. The symptoms in patients infected by coronavirus may show up after as long as 28 to 45 days. This infection has a long incubation period. By the time symptoms appear, a patient may start facing trouble in breathing.

This infection causes “silent hypoxia,” a form of the oxygen deprivation that is difficult to detect.  A person does not feel short of breath soon after getting infected, though oxygen levels start getting reduced in the body. By the time they do, they have alarmingly low oxygen levels and moderate-to-severe pneumonia.

Easy solution for community and personal level:


Finger pulse oximeter

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Simple, over the counter pulse oximeter, will detect silent hypoxia. Over the counter pulse oximeter is an early warning system for the kinds of breathing problems associated with COVID pneumonia. A patient may appear to be comfortable, but the oxygen level is significantly lower than the normal.

Early detection of infection can help in the natural and rapid cure of the disease. With a proper precaution, an infected person can survive the infection without visiting a doctor or getting hospitalized (this is risky for the community a person becomes an asymptomatic carrier and keeps on spreading disease.),

A person with cough, fatigue, and fevers should also have pulse oximeter monitoring even after having an antibody test, or even if their swab test was negative because those tests are only about 70 percent accurate.

Inaccuracy in the test is the reason why a person who has tested negative a few hours ago before boarding the flight tests positive after landing at the destination port.

When the oxygen level in blood starts to saturate, supplying oxygen can help in curing and reducing damages to the lungs. A kit of the finger pulse oximeter and a portable oxygen generator can lead to reduced fatalities. This method can also give doctors enough time to get themselves prepared for new patients.

This device is very useful in identifying asymptomatic carriers.

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